Our Mission: To support and advance access to lifelong learning opportunities in music arts education.
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 Sac Prep excels at developing the musicianship required at the professional level. The instruments to the right are all taught at the academy on a day to day basis. Select the instrument that best interests you! You will then be show all available private lessons, group classes, and ensembles available for that instrument. Strings are our most popular instruments we teach. Private lessons and group classes range in all experience levels.
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About Sac Prep
Mission: To support and advance access to lifelong learning opportunities in music arts education. Vision: To create an environment where students and performing artists can meet for the study of music arts education, performance and related art forms. Purpose:
 is to present public performances and recitals of music and related art forms; To sponsor lecture-demonstrations of topics related to music education and related art forms & To increase community awareness of the importance of artistic expression for individual satisfaction and growth, and the wide variety of expression available through music arts.
May 2016


In October of 2015, Sac Prep Music Academy was planning to move from its V Street studios to the, soon to be refurbished Fremont School in Midtown Sacramento. It was at this time The Guitar Project Ensemble was launched. With the launch of this Ensemble, the decision was made to learn all of the songs from The Beatles 1967, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Album. This 1st Beatles Album cover was performed at Sac Prep Music Academy’s Extravaganza Concert at The Clara Auditorium in May of 2016. The Concert was a fundraiser for the Academy’s Studio Renovation Project, to build our private studios upstairs. This Concert raised over $15,000 in total and made the renovation possible. Over 20 students participated in the concert, and more than 300 were in attendance at the Clara Auditorium. This would be the only Beatles Album Concert at The Clara Auditorium, as the demand and attendance for these one of a kind shows has almost doubled with every show.
December 2016 In June of 2016 the Guitar Project Ensemble began working on The Beatles Abbey Road Album. And with the recent release of Ron Howards ‘Eight Days A Week’ Documentary, the Band also decided to perform the entire August 15,1965 Shea Stadium Set as well as the songs played by The Beatles during their 1969 famous ‘Rooftop Set’ in London. The rumors began to spread throughout Sacramento of this undertaking, the media began to call the Academy, Good Day Sacramento came to interview the Band, and The City of Sacramento granted The Academy 20 tickets to the Paul McCartney Show at the brand new Golden One Center, acknowledging their work, and pushing them along to their December 17th Abbey Road show in Memorial Hall at The Sacramento Scottish Rite. Over 700 were in attendance and the show was considered a sell out by the Scottish Rite. Just under 20 students performed the night of the show. 35 Beatles songs were performed in total, and more than 30 musicians were hired to fill out the band.
September 2017 With the success of The Abbey Road Show at Scottish Rite, came a need to up the stakes, and So The Beatles White Album began the target of the next undertaking. The White Album was, in all seriousness, a monstrosity of a project, and pushed the students of The Guitar Project in new directions. Students as young as 9 years old learned to play melodies, finger pick, play new chords, strum new rhythms, time signatures and solo. Sac Prep booked the band into one of Sacramento’s most iconic venues for this show: The Crest Theatre, where the band barely fit onto the stage. The White Album was arranged and transcribed in it’s entirety by Artistic Director Ben McClara for Strings Section, Brass, Woodwind, Auxiliary Percussion, Rhythm Section and Vocals, including Backing Vocals. On September 30, 2017 The Beatles White Album was performed from start to finish and included a 3 song encore performance letting the audience know what was to come next! The Band performed ‘Got To Get You Into My LIfe’ from The Beatles Revolver Album, and ‘A Day In The Life’ from Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, and closed out The Crest with a standing ovation for the the duration of the song ‘Hey Jude.’
Sac Prep Music Academy Mission Statement To support and advance access to lifelong learning opportunities in music arts education.
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