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* The Resh Michael Scholarship *


Michael “Resh” Ortego

April 17, 1977 – July 25, 2013


Rest In Peace Michael

To honor my dearest sweetest friend Resh Michael Ortego and his legacy.

Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy asks you to donate to this fund to send a young musician to the American River College A.A. Music Program. In the fall of 1996, Michael began his music education at ARC with his closest friends and band mates:


Bluespoon 1996

(Left to Right) Ian Tillman, Darrin Baker, Ben McClara, Roman Pulati & Mike Ortego. Attending American River College truly helped shape our music as a band, and sent Michael deeper into his music. It was here at ARC that Michael’s dedication to his musicianship became defined, as he dove head first into jazz theory, choir, and his guitar.  

This scholarship, is made possible by the generous donations of those who loved and cherished the life and music of Resh Michael Ortego April 17, 1977 – July 25, 2013

This memorial fund seeks to award a recipient, by audition, up to a $2800 scholarship to American River College, for a student enrolled in the Applied Music Program. Please recognize that this scholarship is seeking to award the full scholarship to a unique individual that inspires similar qualities of musicianship and character to Resh Michael. Sac Prep Music & The Resh Michael Scholarship Fund, in an effort to prolong the scholarship fund and reach out to as many aspiring musicians seeking an education at ARC, reserves the right to award those who successfully audition a one time Student Aid Scholarship.

To apply for and to audition for this scholarship, send an email to:
Introduce yourself in the email by describing your dreams and aspirations to perform, and what it means to you, to be a musician. Include a PDF/JPG of the music you plan to audition with, and we’ll get back to you with an audition time. Auditions to be held yearly between April & May, by appointment, at Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy 3823 V Street Sacramento CA 95817. If you have further questions about the scholarship, or donating the scholarship fund, please email Benjamin J. McClara at

About Resh Michael

In the fall of 1996, Michael began his music education at ARC with his closest friends and band mates: Roman Pulati, Ian Tillman, Ben McClara and Darrin Baker, and it truly helped shape his musicianship and the intent of his music.

Michael was fiercely dedicated to his musicianship, studying music theory, music history, classical guitar performance, and voice. His attention to detail, harmony and rhythm made his music intricate and unique.
Michael made it his focus to study Jazz & Classical, New age & Sacred music, Choral and Opera, and Tango. He was a gentle artist and demonstrated dedication and a love for creating music, and he absolutely never gave up on his dream.
Michael’s melodies and lyrics to his compositions are truly poetic, and share his life long affair and love of music. Although Michael is sorely missed, his music shall live on.


Auditions for this scholarship will be held, between April & May, every year through Sac Prep Music, under the direction of Ben McClara, for as long as there is a Fund.  Our goal is to consider one student for the full scholarship, but may also issue one time Student Aid Scholarship of $250 (per semester), depending upon the turnout for Auditions, the Auditions given, and the qualifications of those auditioning.  Students auditioning must have graduated from the Sacramento area High School, applied, auditioned & been accepted in to the ARC Applied Music Program and gained admittance to ARC. All participants must submit, prior auditions (Received no later than the end of April), an essay, 400 to 1200 words, stating their dreams and aspirations to perform and what it means to them to be a musician. The “Full” Scholarship is based upon 2013 tuition of $46 per unit at ARC, 34 Unit Instrumentalist Concentration, and will be issued during the beginning of each semester for either 2 or 4 semesters, depending upon the scholarship awarded. Students must be enrolled as full time in no less than 15 units.  All units must be completed at the end of each semester and a GPA of 3.0 must be maintained in all music classes to continue to receive the scholarship.  One Time Student Aid Scholarships are based upon the cost of Applied Lessons for the Applied Music Program and will be issued at or as close to the beginning of the semester as possible, considering: The student is in “good” standing at American River College & The ARC Music Department.  The student is in the Applied Music Program & participates in one or more music ensembles. Whether the student in the Applied Music Program, auditioned and won a scholarship for their private/applied music lessons from the ARC Music Dept. or if they are having to pay for their own lessons.  iHeartMusic.Org, Mr. McClara & Sac Prep Music reserve the right to alter, change, update this scholarship at anytime as they see fit for the benefit of this on-going memorial scholarship.