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Sean Johnson and The Wild Lotus Band

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When most people see the words ‘yoga’ and ‘music’ in the same sentence they might think of wind chimes, crystal bowls, synth pads, and dolphin sounds. But for the better part of a decade New Orleans-based Sean Johnson And The Wild Lotus Band (Alvin Young and Gwendolyn Colman) have been changing this perception, reinventing the yoga soundtrack by merging ancient mantras, rock, funk, gospel and world grooves.
Their dynamic sound has won over yogis and non-yogis alike and transformed hundreds of yoga studios in America and Europe into thriving concert and dance halls. They are regarded as one of the most distinctive guiding voices in western kirtan music.


Los Angeles Percussion Quartet


 Since 2009, the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet, or LAPQ,  has forged a distinct identity as a world-class contemporary chamber music ensemble who is dedicated to commissioning and presenting new works for percussion quartets. Originally, members Nick Terry, Matt Cook, Justin DeHart, and Cory Hills joined together to create a classical percussion ensemble that would champion the important contributions of 20th century West Coast composers while collaborating with local artists to continue the tradition of innovation and exploration. Today, the group continues their mission while broadening creative output through recordings, performances, and educational outreach.


Sacramento Preparatory Music Guitar Project “Yellow Submarine” Ensemble


Meets on Thursdays of the Month 5:00pm to 6:30pm

 This Sac Prep Music Guitar Project Ensemble is:  Free to kids, teens, and  young adults who play guitar, want to  improve their sight reading & musicianship, desire a musical environment that is competitive and challenging, fun, & educational.  This “Yellow Submarine” ensemble is for beginner to advanced guitar  players who may not have the opportunity to participate in a music program  due to mediocre public education and their cut backs to art & music.  This ensemble rehearses year round and performs regularly.