iHeart Music.Org, based in Sacramento CA, is here for the sole purpose to promote sustainable music education programs, and students of music.

It is here to blog and steer attention towards hard working musicians, programs that are in need of support, to help facilitate scholarships, direct donations to deserving musicians or ensembles, and to guide real fans of music to new & upcoming projects or ensembles that are worthy of a good listen.

If you are looking to start a scholarship fund or donate to one, promote a musician or music ensemble, or if you’d like to help by supporting an existing music program, iHeartMusic.Org is here to help.

Please contact: if you’re looking to give.

General Considerations for Listeners:

Listener’s. Please start by supporting Local Musicians, by hiring musicians at a sustainable rate of pay.  For too long musicians have suffered from the syndrome more commonly known as “The Fifty Dollar Gig.”  Lesser and “Shady,” musicians have stabbed others in the back by undercutting others at gigs, and paying their band members low and unsustainable rates of pay; do not support these shows & do not support these clubs that refuse to pay reasonable standard minimums.  Bars and Clubs who make thousands & thousands of dollars a night serving food and high dollar craft cocktails & drinks, are killing the spirit of musicians by offering them pennies on the dollar to work and play in their clubs; do not support these clubs. Most of them don’t even provide a healthy environment to actually listen to music, instead focused upon promoting loud conversation, smoking, and drinking.  And for heavens sake, if you are at a local show, look for “The Kitty,” and tip the band when you like what you’re hearing.  These men and women, these talented musicians, have been practicing and playing their instruments their entire lives to be able to sound the way they sound.  Their instruments are expensive, and the gear they use is expensive; many of them spent years and years honing their craft while paying costly tuitions at universities and state colleges; the fact is, being a musician is an incredibly honorable trade. Committing your live to music and music education is important for our society, and the social fabric that binds us together as a community of people across this planet.